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Construction & Repair Supervision

Caddy4Life founder Rebecca Bradley participates in construction projects as the homeowner’s representative managing contractors and timelines for new homes and renovations.  Strong problem solving skills save her clients the hassle, time, and money.  She recently oversaw the construction of a 17,000 square foot home, handling many aspects the builder left unattended, driving the project to a timely completion.  She has built an extensive network of connections throughout North Texas and no matter what opportunity the situation may present, she knows who to call to get the job done well.  Caddy4Life looks for the gaps and fills them so that clients can relax in their new home.

Typical services include:

  • Manage contractors
  • Help the flow of communication between contractors and homeowners
  • Solicit bids for projects
  • Research features and benefits for new amenities

Caddy4Life can help you get back in control of your time and your projects!